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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free Purina Dog Food Sample

If you're a Sam's Club member, head over to their website and request your free Purina Dog Food Sample.  I've already received mine and the dogs LOVED it! 

Request your free sample.  You will need to enter your Sam's Club membership number a the time of request.

Share you freebies with us!  Contact Your Home On A Budget - yourhomeonabudget@hotmail.com

Friday, August 13, 2010

Enter the Bed Bath & Beyond Dorm Sweet Dorm Sweepstakes

Bed Bath and Beyond Dorm Sweet Dorm Sweepstakes

Head over to the Bed Bath and Beyond website and enter their 'Dorm Sweet Dorm Sweepstakes'.  Enter EVERY day!  Sweepstakes ends 09/07/10.  They're giving away lots of great stuff.  Check out this list of prizes:

Grand Prize - One lucky winner will receive a $15,000 Shopping Spree and Design Consultation with an HGTV Designer. Winner will recieve a $5,000 Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card and a $10,000 check.

First Prize - Three lucky winners will receive a $1,000 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card and HGTV Software (Instant Makeover, Home and Design Remodeling Suite, Home and Landscape Platinum Suite)

Second Prize- Ten more winners will get a $250 Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card and HGTV Instant Makeover Software.

Hourly Prize - In addition to all these great prizes, there is also an instant Gift Card winner each hour!

Cut your grocery bill in half

When you are living on a budget, sometimes even something as necessary as groceries can be difficult to afford.  Since you can't go without eating, your grocery bill is something you simply can't avoid.  But there are a few things you can do to cut back the amount you spend.

Stretch your dollars and cut your grocery bill in half by following a few simple tips.  Use the seven simple suggestions in the following piece to help get the most for your money.  Read more about how to cut your grocery bill in half.

Before heading out to shop, ALWAYS take a moment to search the Internet for valuable money-saving coupons that you can use to reduce your spending.  There are great printable coupons out there; there's no reason to not take advantage of them.  When used in conjunction with in-store sales or in-store coupons, you can seriously reduce the amount you spend on everything.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pillsbury Website Coupons: Save $44.00 on Food!

Thanks to our friends over at Money Saving Parent for telling us about these great coupons from Pillsbury.  Can you imagine saving $ 44.00 with coupons alone?  That's an awesome savings!

A snippit of their post reads:

"The Pillsbury website has a ton of coupons this month. There is $44.30 in total savings available. Many of the coupons aren’t specific to the Pillsbury brand either – like the Wisk Detergent coupon. Here are just a few of the ones you’ll find..."

Head on over to Money Saving Parent and find out more about this great money saving offer.

Free Fruitista Freeze Coupon!

Here's a great find from Coupons.com.  Get a free Fruitista Freeze from Taco Bell with any purchase.  The weather is perfect for a refreshingly cold Fruitista Freze!  Have you tried on yet?  They are d-lish!
So head over to Coupons.com (under the 'local' section) and grab your free Fruitista Freeze coupon.  It shows up in a cluster of other coupons, which will also help you save money.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Enter the 'Sears August Family & Friends VIP Contest'

Although I've only won one contest in my life, it doesn't stop me from entering them all the time.  Call me a dreamer, but I always hang on to some hope I'll win something BIG! 

Take a moment and try your luck at the 'Sears August Family & Friends VIP Contest'.  What do you have to loose? 

You may just win any of these prizes: 

Grand Prize (1): $1,000 in Sears gift cards.

First Prize (20): $20 Sears gift card.

Second Prize (50): $10 Sears gift card.

Third Prize (100): $5 Sears gift card.

Fourth Prize (25): 50 additional Sweepstakes entries.

Fifth Prize (50): 25 additional Sweepstakes entries.

Sixth Prize (500): 10 additional Sweepstakes entries.

Seventh Prize (30,000): 5 additional Sweepstakes entries.

If you refer a friend to the Sears August Family & Friends VIP Contest and they win something, you'll win too!  These prizes include:

Tell A Friend First Prize (20): $20 Sears gift card.
Tell A Friend Second Prize (50): $10 Sears gift card.
Tell A Friend Third Prize (100): $5 Sears gift card.

This contest is open to U.S. Residents only.  Enter daily to improve your chances of winning!  Expires August 16, 2010.   Enter the 'Sears August Family & Friends VIP Contest'.

More freebies you don't want to miss!

Grab these freebies!  A lot of these freebies could be used for back-to-school, so they're being offered just at the right time.  Hurry - grab your free stuff now!

Free Bic Easy Glide Pen - They are giving away 1,000 free pens each day, so if they are out of them today, check back tomorrow.  They're also offering $ 1.00 off coupons. 

Nature's Bounty Adult Gummies - Get a free sample of yummy gummies by Nature's Bounty. 

Free Sample of Wrigley Extra Dessert Delights Gum - Use promo code 353637 to get your free pack of Wrigley Extra Dessert Delights Gum. 

Post-It Durable Pads & Labels - Use these freebies around the house, at the office, or for school.  Offer good through September 15, 2010, or until supplies are depleted.

Post-It Super Sticky Notes - Once you start using Post-Its, you become addicted to them!  Grab these free Super Sticky notes.  Offer good through 12/31/10 or while supplies last.

FREE Ronald Regan Leadership Lessons (Kindle or PC Book) - Simply add it to your cart to take advantage of this free offer.

Check back soon for more free stuff!  If you know of a great freebie, and would like to share your finding, please leave a comment.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get paid to socialize - Really!

Let me start by saying that I would NEVER recommend a money-making opportunity if it wasn't legit.  Why?  Because this is my blog.  It represents me and who I am and I am an honest person.  So, whenever you see me recommend something, I honestly believe it to be a good thing.

With that said...

I recently signed on with a site that pays you to socialize.  I've tried some of the others before and they were AWFUL!  But, I think I may have stumbled onto something good with this one.  It's called Sidetick, and it's a site that pays you to socialize online.  Make friends, join groups, post polls, create blogs, share pictures...basically it's the same stuff you do on Facebook for free.

If you want to join Sidetick, you may do so here.

Simple ways to reduce your monthly spending

When you live on a budget, it's important to know exactly where your money is going.  How else will you know what you can do to reduce your monthly spending?  The best thing to do is sit down with your checkbook and write down everything you spent the previous month.  Label your purchases as follows:

Gas -
Electricity -
Rent -
Groceries -
Dining out -


Total up the amount you spent on each and write it down on your list.  You'll be SHOCKED at some of your totals!  Last month I had a mid-three figure total in the dining out section, so I knew I had to cut back big time.

Read this article titled, 'Reduce your monthly spending'  and see if you are missing out on any simple ways to cut back.  Re-evaulating where and how you spend your money is just one part of managing your home on a budget.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Here's a product you don't want to miss

I think we would all agree that laundry sucks.  I mean, WHO wants to spend their time doing the laundry?  With Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets, you can make laundry suck a little less.

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets are amazing!  They combine laundry detergent, softener, and dryer sheet all in one convenient product.  Just transfer it from washer to dryer with your laundry!  You can save time and money with this innovative product. 

Try Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheet now.  They were being offered FREE, but all quantities have been claimed.  Still, you can receive a coupon by mail for $ 1.00 off.  Grab the coupon here.

Read what consumers are saying about Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets.  If you've tried this product, let us know what YOU think too.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.