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Friday, August 6, 2010

Get cheap school supplies for back to school

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over.  In just a few short weeks the kids will be heading back to school, which means, for you, another bill.  Get your child ready for school and save yourself a little money by utilizing these tips for finding cheap school supplies.

Helpful advice - We all can use a little helpful advice now and then.  Use the tips and suggestions listed in the following articles to help find cheap school supplies: 

Easy ways to save money on school supplies - Six easy ways to save money on school supplies. Use these helpful tips to find cheap school supplies for the upcoming year.

Best budget backpacks for elementary school boys - Shop for a backpack your child will love - all under $ 20.00.

Best budget backpacks for elementary school girls - Shop for cheap backpacks for little girls - all under $ 20.00

Sweepstakes! - Even better than cheap school supplies is FREE school supplies!  Enter this Back to School Sweepstakes, offered by Freebie King, and you may win $ 100.00 worth of school supplies.  Contest ends 08/31/10.

Tax-free weekends - Take advantage of tax-free weekends in and around your hometown.  This offers a great way to stock up and save on school supplies for the whole year. 

What do you do to find cheap school supplies?  Leave your comments and suggestions below.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stop flushing money down the toilet - literally

Every time you flush your toilet, you are literally flushing money down the drain.  A standard toilet uses a lot more water per flush than is really necessary, therefore causing inflated water bill costs each and every month.  Did you know that there is a product that will reduce water waste and help you save money with each flush?

For less than $ 30.00, you can buy what is called a flush converter and install it yourself in under 30 minutes.  NO TOOLS REQUIRED!  Find out more about using a flush converter reduce water waste.

Using a flush converter is just one simple way to reduce your monthly spending.  Stay tuned for more money-saving ideas!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Save with these money-saving coupons

If you're living on a budget, you know what a help coupons can be. Whether you're using printable coupons or coupon codes for online purchases, you can really save a bundle by researching what's available online before you shop.

Use these money-saving coupons for your next shopping trip.

Kmart - Print out this sheet of FOUR coupons worth $ 25.00 each. All you have to do is transfer a prescription. Good through 09/25/10.

JcPenney - Use this printable coupon to save $ 10.00 off any $ 50.00 purchase. Good through 08/10/10.

Kirklands - Treat yourself to something pretty for the home with this printable coupon. Save 20% on any item (excluding furniture). Good through 08/14/10.

Linens N' Things - Save an additional 10% storewide with this coupon code: SHADE10 - Good through 08/10/10.

Lowe's Home Improvement - Save 10% on all purchases up to $ 5,000.00 This coupon will be sent via email. No expiration date listed.

Online Shoes - Save 10% AND receive free shipping with this coupon code: SPLURGE - Good through 08/16/10.

Sears - Use your Sears card and save $ 10.00 off your next apparel purchase. This printable coupon is valid through 09/07/10.

If your state is offering a tax-free shopping weekend, be sure to take advantage of it! Maximize your savings by combining these money-saving coupons with the option of paying NO TAX on your qualifying purchases.

If you know of any deals, please share them! Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

HURRY! Free full size Pledge Products!

Don't spend a lot of time reading this post. Only the first 7,000 people will receive this fabulous freebie from Right@Home. Get your FREE full-size Pledge Products now.

If you get over there fast enough, you'll receive two full size Pledge products. Namely a pouch of Pledge Natural Beauty Wipes and a Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grab these coupons while they're around!

You absolutely don't want to miss the chance to grab this deal from Home Made Simple. Hurry over to their website and request your coupon book. Inside you'll find over $ 35.00 in coupon savings, plus cute little tips for home organization.

If you've ever received the regular coupon book offered by Home Made Simple, you already know what great savings are packed inside. It looks like this book is virtually the same thing.
So, why are you still reading this? Head over to the Home Made Simple website now and claim your free coupon book while supplies last.

Is your electric bill overwhelming you?

There are so many things to do during the summertime - it's a great time of year. Picnics, nature walks, camping weekends, trips to the beach..... the possibilities are endless! The bad part about summer, though, is the hot summer weather and what it does to the electric bill. I know mine can go through the roof if I'm not careful. When my electric bill hit $ 225.00, I knew I had to do something to lower it.

I utilizied a few stratetgies and was able to lower my electric bill by between $ 50.00 - $ 75.00 a month. If your electric bill is dragging your finances down, try using these 10 ways to lower your electric bill for yourself.

If you have any strategies that have been succesful in lowering YOUR electric bill, please feel free to share them. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Here's a freebie you don't want to miss

Here's a fabulous freebie that is available for just ONE DAY (August 2, 2010). Get a free download of Simple Money Manager software. Hurry! Go there now! Chances are the website offering this freebie (http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/) will be bombarded with visitors, so head over there as fast as you can to take advantage of this tool which can help make managing your home budget a little easier.

In all honesty, I am not familiar with the Simple Money Manager software but the Giveaway of The Day website lists the description of the program as follows:

"Simple Money Manager is easy to use, feature rich application to manage
your finances. You will see right away on the pie chart and graphs where
your money is going, quickly find needed transaction through the smart

The program lets you import your bank or credit card transactions
from almost any financial format or quickly enter them through simple
intuitive interface. Simple Money Manager works fine on any screen including
small netbooks, and speaks 21 language."

Sounds pretty good to me! So, what are you waiting for? Get you free download of Simple Money Manager software now.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

DIY projects that can save you money

DIY projects save money. Period. Many people won't even consider a DIY project because they think they don't have the skills necessary to complete the job. But, guess what - You may just surprise yourself!

I am a woman that can't sew. I am a woman that can't draw. I can't use a power tool without help . Yet, I complete DIY projects all the time that come out looking pretty darn good. That means, if I can do it, so can you!
Take a look at these Unique DIY Headboard ideas. Your going to love how simple they are to make, but even more you're going to like the price. CHEAP AND EASY! That's me! (Wait, that isn't quite what I meant)

If you like the look of 'Shabby Chic' furniture, but think the price is outrageous (and let's face it, it is), learn the DIY 'Shabby Chic' paint technique and turn an old piece of furniture into something beautiful and new.
Don't throw out that old wicker furniture. It CAN be saved and repainted and turned into something even better than it was originally. Learn how to paint wicker furniture and save a bundle. If you get good enough at refinishing, there is even the potential of turning it into a little extra money.

Have you ever tackled a DIY project that turned out to be easier than you thought it would be? If so, share your techniques here. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Complete your next home improvement project CHEAP!

You work hard for your money, so why would you ever want to pay more than you absolutely have to? Whether you are looking to simply update and refresh a single room, or are taking on a big home improvement project, you can save a lot of money by using a little common sense and a lot of know-how.

By utilizing a few simple techniques, you can get all the supplies you need (and probably a few you don't) at a fraction of the cost of retail price. Use the tips found here and learn how to save a bundle while not compromising quality.

Have a money-saving suggestion of your own? Leave it here! Comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.